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Exploring My Ethical Frameworks: Principle of Fairness

Surgeons can determine life or death, and they may struggle to maintain their integrity when faced with significant financial temptations. For me, when confronted with this issue, if I were to accept a bribe when confronted with this issue, I would be causing someone who could have received an organ to lose their life, as well as inflicting harm on their family. Moreover, setting aside any professional ethical issues, such behavior goes against my conscience. My thoughts might never rest, day or night. Therefore, I would firmly and decisively say no to such actions without a second thought. First, let’s discuss the background of my ethical foundations. I come from China, where bribing doctors is a common practice. Many people have become wealthy through these means, and some of my relatives and friends as medical representatives still bribe doctors to get their drugs more frequently prescribed. I disdain such behavior because I hold unique cultural and contextual considerations. The Ch