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Jamie F. Metzl's opening statement at the US House hearing on the origins of COVID-19 - English to Chinese translation

杰米·F·梅策尔 的发言 美国众议院冠状病毒大流行特别小组委员会 关于“调查COVID-19的起源”的听证会 2023年3月8日             温斯特鲁普主席、卢伊兹高阶委员和冠状病毒大流行特别小组委员会成员们,             很荣幸今天能够加入您们。我们主要在这里是因为中国政府尽其所能阻止对COVID-19大流行起源的调查,虽然调查已经迟了三年,但仍然迫切需要。我们今天还在这里,是因为即使中国继续拖延,我们在美国仍可以做更多、必须推进的事情。这包括建立一个跨两党的美国国家COVID-19委员会。           这些听证会我已经等待了超过三年。我们能到今天的阶段,和来自世界各地的一群不知疲倦、自我激励、高度能干并且不会因为威胁而沉默的专家社群付出巨大的努力息息相关。           因为我们中的许多人已经在逆境中努力了很多年,为这些听证会奠定了基础,所以今天我加入你们,并深切而真诚地请求,希望你们的委员会尽可能以证据为基础、深入探讨和解决问题的方式来进行这些听证会,以此来尊重我们的工作。           只有不分党派的两党合作,才能真正的理解出了什么问题,并确定我们如何做得更好。我碰巧是民主党人,虽然这和我的工作没有关系,但自从疫情开始以来,我一直与特朗普和拜登政府的官员保持密切联系,并与两党的国会议员就疫情起源问题展开合作。           虽然我的观点在我的书面证言中有更充分的阐述,但我想快速概括一下我的主要观点。           首先,也是最重要的,大约2000万人,其中包括100多万美国人,因COVID-19而死亡。这些是我们的父母,伴侣,孩子,亲戚,同事和朋友。我们欠对每个受害者以及自己,对这场原本可以避免的悲剧的发生进行最彻底的调查,并尽最大努力确保这样的灾难不会再次发生。           第二,尽管关于疫情起源的问题仍未确定,但毫无疑问的是,即使它不是一个明显的可能,但因病毒研究从而造成的起源仍然有着非常大的可能性。虽然没有“确凿证据”证明实验室起源的假设,但越来越多的间接证据表明,这是一个非常值得关注的问题。           那些持不同看法的人也应该深思熟虑他们的观点和研究。我们应该对新证据不断涌现持开放态度,随着新证据的出现不断调整我们的观点。所有出于真诚和遵循证据的人都站在同一阵线上,而那些试图阻

Suppression and Control: The Loss of Human Rights and Press Freedom in Modern China

In today's China, freedom of speech no longer exists, and the situation is getting worse. Whether you shout protest slogans on the street or post "sensitive" comments on the internet, you may face severe sanctions, or even be sent to prison. This is the reality of modern China, a country without human rights and without press freedom. Image source: U.S. Department of State's " China's Disregard for Human Rights " In this country, all news is controlled by the authorities, and every news item is filtered and reviewed. The media dare not report the truth and can only publish government-approved speeches. This situation is very frightening and helpless. We have lost our freedom and our choices and can only accept the information that is being fed to us, becoming passive listeners. What is even more disturbing is that the Chinese government uses technology to monitor and restrict people. In the era of the Internet, people can express their opinions and ideas

Covid-19 Incident and Free Speech

The right to free speech is inherent to the human condition, but in light of the events of Covid-19, I am apprehensive about its future, and I am delighted to tell you about my experience here. I'm from China, which is where Coivd-19 came from. In September 2019, the Chinese government held a virus-related drill at Wuhan airport called "Yunnan Jadeite" in preparation for the imminent release of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In fact, no one knew that the virus would hit the world in February 2020. " 'FREE SPEECH*' " by Newtown grafitti is licensed under CC BY 2.0 . In December 2019, the virus had already begun to spread in Wuhan, and the Chinese government admonished an ophthalmologist named Li Wenliang for warning the general public about the severity of this virus via social media. We could not save Dr. Li's life after he became infected with Covid-19 on February 6, 2020, and he passed away. From December 2019 until January 19, 2020, I used my Chinese soci