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A Journey of Religious Understanding through Humanities Courses

China is renowned for its strict government regulation and supervision of religious activities. The Chinese education system has no introduction to relevant teaching about religion. Therefore, having been born and worked in China, my understanding of the stories and doctrines of different religions is quite limited. My only fragmented memories consist of moments in my childhood when my mother would take me to temples to bow before the Bodhisattva and instances where I was taken by older relatives to churches for mass without comprehending the significance of these ceremonies. Upon completing Chapter 4 on world religions, I came to the realization that this was my first thorough study and understanding of the three major world religions, including Buddhism. (John 2:13-17. Jesus goes up to Jerusalem and cleanseth the temple from defilement) From Abraham becoming the bond between God and the Hebrews (Fiero 96) to Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt back to Canaan and receiving the T